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About Us

FundStack is not only a congregation that facilitates investment for startups but also a destination for capacity building and investment readiness that enables the participating startups to raise funds from private investors. Such funding can lead the startups on the trajectory of growth and scale their business.

The 3rd edition of FundStack blends a unique opportunity to curate the selected startups out of a pool of applications and enable them to pitch before renowned investors in a grand event of pitching and networking. The startups selected through a structured evaluation process shall attend multiple engagement sessions before they are elevated to present before the investors and would be given an opportunity to have dee-dive discussions with renowned investors of India.

Why To Attend

Focus on Capacity Building

The program prioritizes capacity building, providing startups with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Investment Readiness

FundStack prepares participating startups to be investment-ready, equipping them to attract private investors who can propel their growth and scale their businesses.

Grand Pitching Event

Selected startups shall be given the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas and business plans before renowned investors in a grand event .

Networking Opportunities

Detailed one-on-one meetings shall be facilitated between startups and investors to foster valuable connections & enable deep-dive discussions

Guidance from Seasoned Investors

FundStack connects startups with experienced marquee investors who not only provide capital but also mentor and guide startups on the path to growth and success.

Investment-Ready Startups

Startup Odisha is paving the way for its 50 top startups across various focused sectors to raise their first and follow-on investments. These startups are driving growth and progress in the state through their innovation and disruption.

Roundtable with Policy Makers

Be a part of the roundtable with senior government officials from the Government of Odisha to discuss strategic initiatives and foster collaboration to drive investments for the state's progress.

Interaction with Local HNIs

Fundstack gives an unique opportunity to network and establish connections with HNIs in the local ecosystem. Take this opportunity to grow your partner network and enrich the funding landscape in Odisha.

Odisha Startup Growth Fund

Join us for an enlightening consultative session on OSGF led by SIDBI, as we explore together the pathways to support startups and build the investment ecosystem in Odisha.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Unlock opportunities and gain insights at our exclusive networking session with India's top investors over multiple engagement sessions and community break-outs

Understanding the Ecosystem

HNIs as potential investors get an opportunity to understand the ecosystem and meet various stakeholders of the startup community

Peer Networking

FundStack provides a platform to encourage peer connect and exchange of opinion among the HNIs and wealth managers across various sectors

Interaction with Investors

The HNIs get an opportunity to meet renowned investors of India and interact with many Angel Networks of which they can also be part of.

Meet the Founders

Fundstack gives a unique space to meet top 50 startups of the state and understand the change they are driving through their disruptive business models

Kickstart your Portfolio

HNIs can make the best use of this grand event by kickstarting their first startup investment under the mentoring and guidance of seasoned investors

FUNDSTACK 3.0: Empowering Startups for Growth and Investment.

Join us and let's turn your startup dreams into reality. Embrace the future with us.

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Paul Basil

Menterra Venture Advisors

Saurabh Sharma

IAN Angel Fund

Chintan Vyas

Inflection Point Ventures

Manoj Kumar Agarwal


Amit Singal

Fluid Ventures

Bikram Mahajan

Unicorn India Ventures

Rajesh Sehgal

Equanimity Investments

Puneet Madaan

Real Time Angel Fund

Gireendra Kasmalkar

Pentathlon Ventures

Anjali Nair

Mumbai Angels

Swarup Ravichandran


Sukhmani Bedi

Orios Venture Partners

Dr.Sunil k Shekhawat


Rahul Gupta

IvyCap Ventures

Ganesh Sathyamurthy

Artha99 VC Fund

Ravinder Vashist

Roots Ventures LLP


TiE Bhubaneswar

Neha Lakhwara

Agility Ventures

Devesh Sinha

Bhubaneswar Angels

Brijesh Damodaran

Auxano Capital

Ayush Goyal

Induckt Global VC

Anil Nair

Clover Ventures

Incubation Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, visit our website and complete the user-friendly application process, providing essential information about your startup.

FundStack provides startups with resources, mentorship, and knowledge to effectively engage with investors, thereby increasing their readiness to secure essential funding.

The "Pitch Stack" is a unique opportunity for selected startups to pitch their ideas and business plans before renowned investors in a grand event, increasing visibility and potential for investment.

The "Investor Connect" session enables startups to interact with experienced investors for mentorship and insights, creating valuable connections that can aid their growth and success.

FundStack offers investors the opportunity to connect with investment-ready startups, engage in roundtable discussions with government officials, network with local high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), and explore investment opportunities in the Odisha Startup Growth Fund.

Investors can join consultative sessions on OSGF led by SIDBI to explore ways to support startups and contribute to building the investment ecosystem in Odisha.

HNIs attending FundStack can understand the startup ecosystem, network with peers and investors, meet startup founders, and kickstart their portfolio with guidance from seasoned investors.